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The goal is simple. Bring a low cost financial education to anyone who wants it anywhere in the world. Review the site and registration at https://online.financialhappiness101.com. Retirement 101, Money Management 101, and Investing 101 are waiting for those who are ready to learn. These classes will help those who are new to this information and those who want to touch upon what they have learned previously. 

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    NEW!!! You now get access to eight RECORDED investment seminars included with this course! Get signed up today!

    Welcome to Investing 101! In this course Mike Finley will explore investments and how to make smart investments without paying someone else to do it for you. Topics include asset allocation, how to choose the right assets for you, real estate investments, how to incorporate smart tax strategies when investing, controlling your emotions when investing and most of all, how to avoid the crooks that want your money! After taking this class you will become more comfortable with talking about investing and will have a good basis for making your own decisions on your investments. Don’t delay! Every day you wait is potentially adding months and even years to when you can retire! 

    Cost: $99 $69
    Course access: 1 year

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    NEW!!! You now get access to eight RECORDED retirement seminars included with this course! Get signed up today!

    In Retirement 101 Mike Finley will walk you through the process of how to retire. Topics include answering the big four questions that help you retire well financially. This leads to making good decisions when it comes to spending, fixed income, the portfolio of investments, and the 4% rule. This material will also help with the psychological piece of retirement, which can be challenging in itself for many. This course is all about reaching that place called financial freedom as you live the life of YOUR dreams!  

    Cost: $99 $69
    Course access: 1 year

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    In Money Management 101 Mike Finley will explore how to get back control of your money. Topics include, how to manage debt, credit, insurance, investing, saving, as well as purchasing big items like cars and houses. After taking this class you should be able to track your own spending and make your own financial plan. Is money controlling you or are you controlling your money? If it’s the former, like most people, you need to take this class! 

    Cost: $99 $69 
    Course access: 1 year